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Photography, Publishing, and Music

(Life, LIVE)

(Life, LIVE) is a fly-on-the-wall project documenting the people who decided to make their passion for music their lives. For the past two years I’ve been taking photographs of their lives on the road.


Touring with a band sounds like a lot of fun? Groupies, parties and being on the road? «A day-to-day-job in a bubble», says Tatjana Rüegsegger. In her book she wants to show how life backstage really looks like.

Dance, Music, and Performing Arts


A dance production by Kinsun Chan and TheaterTraum sign language theater. Music composed and performed live by Fritz Hauser.

Have a look at the music!

Have you seen sound? Do you know how music looks like? After the performance for deaf and hearing dancers you will. And if that's not enough for you, you might consider visiting the artists at the reherseal.


Durch die Nacht

«Durch die Nacht» tells the story of Alex, a college student, and his journey through the night in Zurich.

A walk through Zurich

...and meeting figures of the night, that's what happens to the protagonist of the picture. Who these figures are, you will learn in the movie. Or you go on an adventure yourself – guided by the filmmakers!

Design, Art, and Music

Musicbox «Smoke On The Water»

We finally want a music box with SMOKE ON THE WATER, the legendary song of Deep Purple.

Deep Purple to go

For fans of Deep Purple, for fans of the city of Montreux and for fans of the Jazz Festival: «Smoke on the Water» to go. This little box will play you the famous song as long and as often as you like. Just keep on turning.

Photography, Art, and Exhibition

«Psithurism Resonant»

Nothing is what it seems. Glass is beautiful and fragile, but it is that fragility and that beauty that makes it break and cut deeper, stronger.

Installation in the woods

On May 10th the newly founded collective Ludovik Studio will present their first work. To create an unforgettable event, they are not ony passionate about glass sculptures and video projections, but the offered food and drinks are just as important.

Dance and Performing Arts

SehnSucht (Longing)

This feeling makes us restless, happy or melancholic. It drives us forward and lets us relive the past. Three choreographers investigate the bittersweet feeling of longing.

What is longing?

Have you asked yourself what this feeling actually is? Three pieces for 4 to 5 dancers are looking for possible answers. If you want to see what they came up with, you shouldn't miss the performances in the end of May in Berne.

Music and Community

Borda to Borda

Borda to Borda is a project of 5 Ugandan and 2 Swiss Artists. In 2013, we recorded the album «Borda to Borda / D’une Frontière à l’Autre» in Kampala, Uganda. Now we are about to tour around Europe!!!

Swiss-Ugandian Hip-Hop Collective

«From Border to Border» are the motorcycle taxis used in Uganda. And the new CD from a Swiss-Ugandian Hip-Hop Collective. The recording is finished and now, the artists are bringing the music live to Switzerland.


Oracle's Blast – CD

What is the music of the future? What does it sound like? With your help we may find ways to explore it! Be part of the creation of the CD «Oracle’s Blast» with the Kociuban-Gamsachurdia Duo!

Lost in new music

A cellist and conductor and a pianist and composer form the Kociuban-Gamsachurdia Duo. They love to get lost in their music. And would love to take you with them, when they perform 5 brand new pieces.

Photography, Publishing, and Art

Still – Brigitte Lustenberger

I, Brigitte Lustenberger, plan to publish my two recent bodies of works «Previously on …» and «Still Untitled». Support me and get a signed copy of the book «STILL»!


«The images function like film stills – the before and the after is missing – and a lot of the action seems to be happening outside the photographic frame.» That's how Brigitte Lustenberger describes her pictures, that will be published in her new book.


The Led Farmers – New Album

The Led Farmers are delighted to be able to collaborate with Soundville Media Studios in Luzern, Switzerland in making their first studio recording.

Dubliners in Lucerne

– but still playing Irish tunes! And recording them. And maybe writing a poem for you, if you support their project.

Photography, Publishing, and Art

Photobook «Peach»

In May, my photobook «Peach» will be published with Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg. 65 images from eight different countries will be on display. Support the production of the book!

1 / 1000

One of 1000 books could be yours. To hold the pictures of Susanne Hefti in your hands – binded and on beautiful paper – you can preorder one of them.

Design, Publishing, and Art

SR:CH Volume 1

SR:CH invites you to discover his first book through wich you will meet members, their projects since 2012 and ambitions of this group in the promotion of young artists.

Creative Collaboration

Le cabinet SR:CH is a Swiss-Serbian collective founded in 2012 by five designers. Born in Serbian capital during a trip, this group maintains a friendship between the two countries linking their artistic contemporary scenes.


from Südpol to Südpol

In his first full-length dance piece «from Südpol to Südpol», rising Belgium choreographer Bert Uyttenhove explores the In-Between, where life-changing decisions are made.

In the neither –

– that's where the piece of the young dance compagnie takes place. It's aim is to explore the space with life's twists and turns based on the individual biografies of the dancers.

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