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The Led Farmers – New Album

The Led Farmers are delighted to be able to collaborate with Soundville Media Studios in Luzern, Switzerland in making their first studio recording.

Dubliners in Lucerne

– but still playing Irish tunes! And recording them. And maybe writing a poem for you, if you support their project.

Photography, Publishing, and Art

Photobook «Peach»

In May, my photobook «Peach» will be published with Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg. 65 images from eight different countries will be on display. Support the production of the book!

1 / 1000

One of 1000 books could be yours. To hold the pictures of Susanne Hefti in your hands – binded and on beautiful paper – you can preorder one of them.


MAKE PLAIN goes to London

We are a folk-country duo and we have the chance to go on a little tour between England and Ireland from 19th to 24th april to present our music and our new cd «Make It Plain».

On Tour

2013 was a very happy year for MAKE PLAIN. They won two contests and recorded their first album named «Make It Plain» with 11 tracks. Now they're hoping that 2014 brings as many great moments as the previous year.

Film, Music, and Fair Trade

Do The Fair Trade!

We are El Tucan and have been practicing the fair trade philosopy for 25 years. With the song and video «Do The Fair Trade» we give our artesans a voice and a face.

Join In!

El Tucan brings color to the world and promotes Fair Trade at the same time. Collie Herb contributed «Do The Fair Trade», a song especially written for this cause. Now it's up to you to join them in spreading the message!

Publishing, Fashion, and Food

T.O.F.U. magazine

T.O.F.U., the one of a kind vegan fashion lifestyle magazine stands for The Organic Fashion Utopia and that is exactly what we create for you. LIVE, TASTE, LOVE with a fabulous vegan look!

The Organic Fashion Utopia

For Manuela Ernst the future is vegan! That's why she edited a vegan fashion magazine that is now ready to print. To cover the printing and binding costs, she's looking for like-minded people who share her love for mother nature.

Design, Publishing, and Art

SR:CH Volume 1

SR:CH invites you to discover his first book through wich you will meet members, their projects since 2012 and ambitions of this group in the promotion of young artists.

Creative Collaboration

Le cabinet SR:CH is a Swiss-Serbian collective founded in 2012 by five designers. Born in Serbian capital during a trip, this group maintains a friendship between the two countries linking their artistic contemporary scenes.

Photography and Publishing

generation Y

My project is to take portraits and collect stories of Millennials, the so called Generation Y. The images are to be set up in a large scale, well crafted, and modern designed book.

This project ended successfully on 2014-04-15 12:00!

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